High Yield Cartridges

by MyCartridges Staff

Should you buy high yield or XL cartridges if they are available?

It's a questions everybody asks, the answer is always High Yield. Even though the cost might seem to be double in some cases, it's actually not...

If the budget can stretch a little further upfront, the high yield or XL version of the particular cartridge always works out cheaper in the long run.

A number of manufactures such as Brother, HP & Lexmark have now adopted the term "XL" to denote their high capacity cartridges.

These cartridges are the same physical size but typically contain twice the amount of ink (see individual page yields to compare) as their normal or non-XL versions.

This is because they contain more ink which brings your cost per page down. Furthermore a longer lasting cartridge means less orders, the less orders, the less delivery costs you’re paying which also lowers your overall costs!

Not all printers have high yield options, so if yours does, take advantage of it! Read more on how page yields values are calculated.


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