How to Extend Printer Life

by MyCartridges Staff

There are a few simple things you can be mindful of to keep your printer in top shape:

Ensure your paper trays are always closed when the printer is not in use.
This keeps dust from settling and being carried in and clogging internal rollers.

Always turn your printer off when not in use.
This ensures the cartridges return to their capped positions sealed from the air.

Your printer should always have a cartridge in it!
Do not remove empty cartridges if you are not replacing it with a new one.

This keeps the ink in the printhead from drying out, clogging the nozzles.
This could destroy your printhead, often more expensive than an entire new printer!

Printer cartridges that have the printheads integrated into the cartridge itself (most HP, Lexmark, Dell, some Canon) should not be opened from their packaging if they are not to be immediately installed.


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