Laser Print Quality Problems

by MyCartridges Staff

Laser Printers are complicated machines, when they age things can go wrong - mostly to do with the Drum Unit. Are you experiencing any of the problems listed below?

• Dots or imperfections that repeat down the page

The result of a chipped drum surface, can be caused by paperclips, staples etc that tend to find their way into office printers.

• Gray page with toner powder residue visible on the drum

Drum units contain a wiper blade designed to remove excess toner from the printing process, over time these blades tend to stiffen.

• Light gray smears over the page, tracks down one or both sides of the page

These are purely symptoms of wear and tear, most printers drum life is 10 times that of the laser toner cartridge itself - if you have used this many toners the drum will probably be due for replacement.

Yes? It's time to replace it. There is no economical or reliable way to repair a damaged or worn out unit.

Find what you need in our Image & Drum Unit category

Most printers have a separate warning light for drum replacement, look for this for confirmation of the problem before replacing it as they can be quite expensive.

TIP! Most entry level laser printers it is often more cost effective to just replace the whole machine so make sure you check the price of the new drum vs a new printer first!


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