Understanding Page Yield

by MyCartridges Staff

How many pages will it print?

Often not anywhere near the manufactures claimed yield, as these numbers are based on 5% coverage (industry standard), print something that covers 10% of the page for the life of the cartridge and you'll probably exhaust the cartridges in HALF the number of pages...

5% Coverage?

Manufactures measure these numbers in laboratory conditions with strict 5% page coverage in a continuous print situation (no ink or toner wastage from daily cleaning operations encountered with extended use)

Furthermore, 5% is not necessarily 5%...

The STMC (Standardized Test Methods Committee) stipulates the 5% page to be customised to specific printers because printer effeciency varies greatly. There is no universal test page that represents 5% coverage for all machines, making it difficult to demonstrate what 5% page coverage looks like.

i.e. a 500 page yield canon cartridge and a 500 page yield HP cartridge will necessarily give the same yield.

So how much ink / toner is in the cartridge?

It seems obvious that a more accurate to way to compare yields would be to compare the physical amount of ink or toner in a cartridge in milliliters or grams, but this is flawed too. Some printers are more efficient than others in the way ink and toner usage during warm up, purge and cleaning operations is managed.

The solution:

Everyone’s' printing habits are different, just aim for the highest page yield or ink content numbers you can manage - you will not get the exact numbers quoted, but it will still be higher number overall.

As first mentioned, high yield cartridges where available are always more economical on a cost per page basis than standard yield versions.

YES! Our compatible brands do contain the same amount of ink / toner as their genuine equivalent.

Our toner yield is the same as the genuine brands. Some people question this, reasoning the only way we can maintain such low prices on compatible products is by providing an inferior, lesser filled product. We can assure you this is NOT the case



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