My Brother Printer Toner Does Not Fit!

by MyCartridges Staff

Every laser printer has a drum or image unit. Sometimes this is part of the cartridge and sometimes it is seperate. In the case of printers with seperate drum units, the drum usually lives inside the machine and is not disturbed when changing a toner.

HOWEVER, most Brother Mono (B&W) Laser Printers are different! Just for fun!

- The toner clips into the drum unit itself.

- When you change a toner, you remove the whole unit from the machine.

This is the point where people get confused and see thier new toner not being the same size as the one they have removed from thier machine because they are comparing a toner to a toner/drum!

- You must unclip and seperate the toner from the drum unit, install the new toner into the drum unit and replace the unit back into the machine

Don't throw away the drum unit! They are often more expensive to replace than the printer itself. Drum units are NEVER supplied as part of a toner replacement regardless of whether you purchasing Genuine or Compatible toner.


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